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tribe Bromeae

Rescuegrass Bromus catharticus (Bromus brevis, Bromus haenkeanus, Bromus unioloides, Bromus willdenowii)

Tight flat spikelets, about 1" long, short awns.  Thin stiff culm, with wide spaced drooping branches.

Photos taken in Taylor County, Texas, April 2005, May 2007

(Introduced from South America - Taylor, Jones, Callahan, Brown)

Base: Annual, no rhizomes, no stolons (runner stem)

Blade (leaf): 5-12mm wide, yellow band at sheath

Sheath: can be glabrous or densely hairy

Culm (main grain stem):  50-80cm tall

Inflorescence: open drooping branches

Spikelet: flat, spear shaped, 6-12 florets

Glume: awnless

Lemma: laterally flattened and sharply keeled, 1-3mm awn

Similar Species

Field Brome Bromus arvensis (Bromus japonicus)

Tight rounded spikelets.  Upper lemmas have 8-13mm long awns.  Erect culm, kinked branches and pedicels.  Hairy sheaths.

(Introduced, native of Europe and Asia - Taylor, Callahan, Eastland, Brown)


Hairy Brome (Hairy Woodland Brome) Bromus pubescens (Bromus purgans)

Very tight round spikelets, short to medium awns.  Thin nodding culm, drooping branches.  Closed sheath, hairy.  Grows in wet-lands.

(Native of Texas - not in my area)


Rye Brome Bromus secalinus

Looks like B. japonicus. Check book for list of differences.

(Introduced from Mediterranean - not in my area)


Other Species In Texas - looks like a cross with Threeawn

Ripgut Brome Bromus diandrus ssp. rigidus

Very long round spikelets, long awns.  Stiff culm, short to medium stiff branches. (upright fan)

(Introduced from Mediterranean - not in my area)


Poverty Brome Bromus sterilis

Long thin spreading spikelets, very long awns.  Stiff culm, with clumping drooping branches.

(Introduced from Mediterranean and Europe - not in my area)


Downy Brome (Cheatgrass) Bromus tectorum

Long thin tight spikelets, hairy, very long awns.  Thin nodding culm, with clumping drooping branches.

(Introduced, native of Europe and Asia - not in my area)



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