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tribe Aveneae

**zg 1** Scientific name

possible   Canarygrass

Looks like bristlegrass without round spikelets or bristles.  No awns.

Photos taken in Taylor County, Texas, April 2005

(Native of ?)

Hunting Similar Species

Carolina Canarygrass (Southern Canarygrass) Phalaris caroliniana

Long to cone shaped prickly spike, no awns.

(Native of Texas - Taylor, Jones, Runnels)


Other Species In My Area - Foxtail

Carolina Foxtail Alopecurus carolinianus

Looks like green bristlegrass.  Long cylindrical spike with long awns.

(Native of Texas - Callahan)


Other Species In My Area - Ozarkgrass

Ozarkgrass Limnodea arkansana

Long scruffy spike with awns, narrow leaves.

(Native of Texas - Taylor, Brown)


Other Species In My Area - Rabbitfoot

Annual Rabbitsfoot Grass (Rabbitfoot Polypogon, Annual Beardgrass, Rabbitfoot‑grass) Polypogon monspeliensis

Like fuzzy bristlegrass, awns not bristles.  White.

(Native of Texas - Taylor, Runnels, Brown)


Water Bentgrass (Beardless Rabbit's-foot Grass) Polypogon viridis

Loosely appressed panicle, clumps of thick "V" spikelets, no awns

(Native of Texas - Taylor)


Other Species In My Area - Wedgescale

Prairie Wedgescale Sphenopholis obtusata

long fan or spike of clumped branches, no awns

(Native of Texas - Taylor, Brown)



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