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Poaceae, Panicoideae, Paniceae - Dallisgrass

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tribe Paniceae

Dallisgrass Paspalum dilatatum

Bunch grass with long branching runners that root at hairy nodes.  Leaves are hairless.   Seed heads at the end of runners, 2-7 opposite, wide spaced, up to 3" long, four rows of round-ish spikelets grow on one side of a flat branch.  Good grazing grass, plant in bottomlands.

Photos taken in Taylor County, Texas, June-July 2007

(Introduced, native of Uruguay and Argentina - Taylor)

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tribe Paniceae

Thin Paspalum (Fringeleaf Paspalum) Paspalum setaceum

Very thin culm with hairy nodes.  Inflorescence is terminal, 1-3 branches spaced apart, plus single auxiliary branches at leaf nodes that may be enclosed in sheath.  Can see opposite spikelet from the side.  Short sheath has hairy margin.  Leaves 2"-10" long, margins crinkly, usually hairy.

Photos taken in Taylor County, Texas, September 2007

(Native of Texas - Taylor, Jones, Brown)


Other Species In My Area

Longtom Paspalum denticulatum

Multiple alternating branches, dense spikelets.  Branches become shorter near the apex.

(Native of Texas - Brown)


Knotgrass (Jointgrass, Ft. Thompsongrass) Paspalum distichum (Digitaria paspaloides)

Two branches from the same node.  Short leaves.

(Native of Texas - Taylor)


Hairyseed Paspalum (Smoothseed Paspalum) Paspalum pubiflorum (Paspalum geminum)

3-5 thick branches, dense spikelets.  Spikelets are hairy.

(Native of Texas - Taylor)



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