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tribe Cynodonteae

Curly Mesquite (Creeping Mesquite) Hilaria belangeri var. belangeri

Looks like a Buffalograss with erect tuft of spikelets.  Drought resistant.  Fair forage for livestock but poor for wildlife.

Photos taken in Taylor County, Texas, September 2007

(Native of Texas - Taylor)

Base: perennial, small clumps, wide spreading rhizomes, short stolons (runner stem)

Blade (leaf): short, rough with a few hairs, mostly flat

Culm (main grain stem): erect, 10-30cm tall, nodes are very hairy, irregular ligule

Inflorescence: 2-3.5cm tall, 4-8 spikelet clusters 4.5-6mm tall

Lateral Spikelets: female, pale

     Outer Glume: united below, shorter than lemma, slightly broad above, notched or lobed, midnerve extends past glume

     Inner Glume: shorter and narrower, midnerve becomes tiny awn

Central Spikelets: male, pale

     Glume: about equal length, slightly broad above, awn 2.5-5mm long


Other Species In My Area

Tobosa (Tobosagrass) Pleuraphis mutica (Hilaria mutica)

Looks like a tall Curly Mesquite

(Native of Texas - Taylor, Jones, Nolan)

Base: perennial, small clumps, short branching rhizomes, no stolons (runner stem)

Blade (leaf): short, 2-4mm wide, rough with a few hairs, often rolled inward

Culm (main grain stem): erect, wiry, 30-75cm tall, nodes can be glabrous or hairy, ligule is a tiny fringed membrane

Inflorescence: 4-8cm tall, 8-25 closely spaced spikelet clusters, 3 spikelets in a cluster with a hairy base

Lateral Spikelets: female

     Outer Glume: wider top is truncated, hairy margins

     Inner Glume: has a lateral awn up to 3mm long

Central Spikelets: male

     Glume: narrow, short, irregular lobed top, nerves becomes tiny awn

     Lemma and Palea: 5-6mm long form a tube, dark stigmas


Tumblegrass Schedonnardus paniculatus

Oversized spike, branches wide spaced & alternating, appressed spikelets, Wavy basal leaves with white margins, 8"-15" tall.  Poor forage.

(Native of Texas - Taylor, Nolan, Jones, Shackelford, Callahan, Runnels, Coleman, Brown)



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