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Cyperaceae, Carex - Sedge

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This genus is variable but they all have separate male and female flowers.




Cyperaceae - Sedge family, Sedge Genus

Britton Sedge Carex tetrastachya (Carex brittoniana)

Plant grows in shallow water and is about 12" tall.  Shape of culm cross section?  Several pinecone-like spikelets grow from the top.  A single bract is horizontal to the reed.

Photos taken in Taylor County, Texas, June 2005

(Native of Texas - Taylor, Callahan, Brown)


Other Species in My Area

Cyperaceae - Sedge family, Sedge Genus


Emory Sedge Carex emoryi

Long spike.  Female flower white fuzz.  Male flowers brown fuzz.

(Native of Texas - Taylor, Brown)


Littletooth Sedge (Small-tooth Caric Sedge) Carex microdonta

Short spike. Female flower yellow fuzz.  Male flowers brown fuzz are stigmas.  Large appressed fruit zigzag around spike.  Leaves look like grass.  Rhizomes.

(Native of Texas - Brown)


Muhlenberg's Sedge Carex muhlenbergii var. enervis (Carex plana)

One to several ball or pinecone-shaped spikelet on very long stem. 

(Native of Texas - Taylor, Brown)


Sand Sedge (Texas Hill Sedge, Meadow Sedge) Carex perdentata

5-14 ovate spikes, 1/2" long, 1/2" wide, brown to translucent green, 1 green center vein per scale with awn.  Bracts, 4"  long.  Scales brown to transparent/green with green center vein.  Culm 17"-3 feet tall, bracts longer than inflorescence.  Narrow leaves are mostly basal.  Sheathes have transparent front.  No rhizomes.  Blooms in spring.

This species is often confused with C. muhlenbergii.

(Native of Texas - Taylor)


Cedar Sedge Carex planostachys

Pointed spike.  Female flower Like a white daisy tuft that turns yellow.  Male flowers tiny white curls, separate and below.

(Native of Texas - Taylor)


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